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Hello my name is chubbo. I'm new to elowel.

Avatar yourworstenemy *
03-04-08 19:43
Your Best Friend
hi, nice name
Avatar max *
03-05-08 06:55
cyber desperado
Hey fatty.
Avatar zanna
03-05-08 16:48
gibts keine hier
Welcome! Post often. :)
Avatar volcanovixen21 *
03-05-08 19:32
Dvorak Attack
You totally wrote the last anon didn't you.
Avatar antiprincess
03-05-08 20:24
Mrs. Redhead
Ha ha perhaps.
Actually no.
I have no need to hide behind that stuff I am open about my eating disorder but if you ever figure out who wrote it I'd like to get to know them.
Avatar max *
03-05-08 23:16
cyber desperado
Heh, did I just see someone reply under the wrong account?
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